Established 2016.

Prana Pole offers pole dance, aerial hoop, silks and other fitness classes.


Støperigate 34, Stavanger, Norway.


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*AERIAL classes = pole, hoop, silks, chair

*FITNESS classes = stretching, strength, yoga

*PRACTICE sessions = egentrening – time to practice on your own with no instructor



AERIAL classes (pole, hoop, silks, chair) – limited to one per day.

Unlimited FITNESS and PRACTICE sessions.

  • Prana Pole 6 month Plus – 1195kr per month – bound for 6 months – automatic renewal
  • Prana Pole 1 year Plus – 1095kr per month – bound for 12 months – automatic renewal
  • Prana Pole Monthly Plus – 1495kr per month – bound for 1 month – automatic renewal


AERIAL classes (pole, hoop, silks, chair) – limited to 4 per month.

Unlimited FITNESS and PRACTICE sessions. 

  • Prana Pole 6 month Limited – 895kr per month – bound for 6 months – automatic renewal
  • Prana Pole 1 year Plus – 695kr per month – bound for 12 months – automatic renewal


Unlimited FITNESS classes (stretching, strength, yoga) and practice sessions.

*This membership does NOT include access to any aerial classes (pole, hoop, silks, chair)

  • BENDY 1 YEAR – 395kr per month – bound for 12 months – automatic renewal
  • BENDY MONTHLY – 595kr per month – bound for 1 month – automatic renewal

 NB! if you do not wish your membership to be renewed automatically, you must inform up a month before your next payment to stop the renewal manually.


** All new clients are subject to one introductory offer only

* All members are subject to one pole/aerial/chair class a day.

* Students are required to show proof of studies before they are able to purchase a membership at student price.

* We also offer offshore membership prices (the same as student prices) – Proof of offshore work via contract or similar is required prior to purchase for the discounted price.


  1. Click on follow this link: Online Store – Contracts
  2. choose your contract (membership type) and click “make purchase” –
  3. click “check out”
    • a pop up window will ask you to either log in or create a profile
  4. create your account by entering your contact, account and payment details.
  5. complete your membership purchase.*
  6. start booking classes!

*If you are a student you should be able to add a promotion code in the shopping cart – send us an email or PM on facebook with your student I.D. for the discount code

MIND BODY APP – make signing up easier AFTER you have purchased a contract!


Trial Class  – pole / hoop / silks / chair

Trial Week (7 days of unlimited beginner classes) 

These are introductory offers for new clients only**


Go to Online Store – Services after creating your profile and pick your service instead of buying a membership.

You can also purchase introduction trial classes and regular trial classes here before booking your class.


Check out our schedule on Mind Body here.

Keep in mind that our schedule changes from time to time depending on instructor availability.


We provide many classes and often will switch out certain classes for others depending on demand and availability of instructors. We do however always try to keep at least one class of each level available per week (Pole Beginner, Pole Beginner +, Pole Intermediate, Stretching, Strength & Acrobatics, at least one choreography class (Feel the Floor, Heels, Low Flow) and practice session.

Check out our list of classes here.

If you are having any trouble with our links on the website – check out our LINKTREE

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Introduction Classes and Courses

Introduction Classes

  • Once a Month – Check the Mind Body schedule or send us a message
  • Price – 200kr from 1. jan 2021

Keep updated with  Facebook and Instagram.

If you can’t wait for an introduction class, sign up to a regular Pole Beginner class as a “Trial Class” or “Trial Week“.

Check for introduction classes or simply sign up for a trial during our regular classes here on Mind Body.

Introduction Courses

(prices as of October 2020)

4 Week – 1395kr (1495kr for silks)

One aerial class a week for 4 weeks. An introduction to pole/hoop/silks. Learn basic tricks and how to put them together.

8 Week – 2395 kr (2495kr for silks)

One aerial class a week for 8 weeks. A more comprehensive introduction to pole/hoop/silks. Learn basic tricks and how to put them together.

Check for new courses and sign up under Enrollments on Mind Body here

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We offer both private and semi-private classes.

In a Private Class you are 1 on 1 with the instructor and in Semi-Private classes are for 2 or 3 people with 1 instructor. You can choose what you would like to focus on in classes.

We offer classes within pole, aerial hoop, aerial silks, yoga, strength, stretching and contortion.

Private classes are 60 minutes and Semi-Private classes are 70 minutes.

You can also purchase a package of 5 or 10 klipps at a discounted price. The packages last for 6 months and prices are listed below:

Private classes – 1 person:

1 klipp  – 795 kr

5 klipp – 3745 kr

10 klipp – 6995 kr

 Semi-private – 2 or 3 people (per person price):

1 klipp – 596 kr

5 klipp – 2809 kr

10 klipp – 5246kr


You can pay for a single private class via Vipps. For packages, you will be sent an invoice. Email us at to book a class and/or buy a package. 

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Bachelorette Parties

Have your party at Prana Pole!

på norsk

A Pole Dance class is the perfect activity for a bachelorette party in Stavanger! Our classes are also perfectly suited for bachelor parties, birthday parties, girl’s night out, or team buildings! Our experienced instructors will customize the perfect class for you, and together you will create memories for a lifetime!

A Pole Dance class at Prana Pole is a fun and unexpected surprise for the bride/groom’s final night as a single woman/man, and is a great way to start an evening of celebrations! Naturally, the bride/groom is the centre of attention, but we have four poles and everyone gets to participate. No background experience is required, anybody can join! We’ll start the class with a short warm-up before you learn some basic tricks and spins that we will put together into a sexy and fun routine. We guarantee that you will leave the studio with a smile on your face.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes; shoes will not be needed as we train barefoot. You may wear shorts if you wish, but it is not necessary. If you want to celebrate with some bubbles, you’re allowed to bring alcohol and enjoy it in the studio. Feel free to arrange to come by the studio the day before with some fruit or snacks if you want this to be ready for when your party arrives!


  • 2100 NOK – 75 min, 6 people or less
  • 3400 NOK – 75 min, 7 -14 people
  • 4200 NOK – 90 min, 15 – 24 people
  • 4600 NOK – 90 min, 25 people or more

Contact us via email at to book. Please include the number of people, the date and your desired time slot from the list below:

  • 10:00-11:15
  • 11:30-12:45
  • 13:00-14:15
  • 14:30-15:45
  • 16:00-17:15

The above mentioned time frames are set up for 75 minute sessions on weekends. If you have a large group and therefore require a 90 minute session, we will adjust the timing accordingly. In addition, if you would like to plan your event on a weekday, just send us an email with all your information and we will find a time that suits you and our regular class schedule.


Payment Terms

Bookings are binding. A non-refundable deposit of 500 kr is paid during booking. The remaining amount is paid 14 days before the Bachelorette Party. Cancellation must be notified minimum 14 days in advance to avoid full payment.

We would like to arrange the Bachelorette Party at home or in a different location, is this possible?

Unfortunately we do not currently provide this service.

One of our participants is pregnant, can she still join?

There is no problem to attend a class with us even if you are pregnant. We stick to basic tricks, and don’t venture into the harder more advanced tricks. The pregnant participant can decide herself how involved she wishes to be, and if something feels uncomfortable, she may at any time chose to stop and watch instead.

What should we wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes; shoes will not be needed as we train barefoot. You may wear shorts if you wish, but it is not necessary.

Can we drink alcohol?

We do not sell alcohol. However, you may bring some with you, although excessive drinking will not be allowed. We reserve the right to ask participants to leave the studio, or cancel the entire event if one or more participants are drunk.

How do I book?

Please contact us through our Facebook page or email ( Include the date and time of interest and the number of participants. We will get back to you as soon as we can to confirm our availability.

What if we need to cancel?

Booking is binding. Cancellation must happen withing 14 days before the Bachelorette Party. After this, full payment is required. A deposit of 500kr will not be refunded.

Can we change the date of our party?

Your payment secures the time and date of your party. Changes to the timing or date of your party will depend on our availability. If we have free capacity we will be happy to help change the party time or date. Ordinary cancellations rules apply.

When is the booking confirmed?

The booking is only confirmed when your deposit is received, but you can reserve a timing without a cost for 5 days unless otherwise agreed in advance. Check our availability by sending us an email ( or send us a Facebook message if in short notice.

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Contact Information

Facebook: PranaPole


Instagram: @pranapole




To book private classes, bachelorette parties and events please send us an e-mail.

To purchase a membership, course, workshop, drop-in class or klippekort, please head over to Mind Body.

Why the name Prana Pole?

Prana means “breath” in Latin and “life” in Hindu and is often referred to as “life force” or “life energy”. We hope you will come to our classes and take a breath of fresh energy and feel re-energized when you leave the studio!

Prana Pole was established in 2016 and we are located in Stavanger, Storhaug – Støperigata 34, 4014

The studio has 3 rooms, a large pole room with 7 poles filling up the 4 meter space (X-Pole chrome & Lupit brass), a smaller pole room with 4 X-Poles and an aerial room for hoop and silks.

Our 60-minute long classes are taught by experienced instructors who speak both English and Norwegian. Their combined experience extends from Norway, Australia, Malaysia, UK and USA. Not only do our instructors instruct, but they have also performed in events and competed in National and International pole competitions.

We try to keep our instructors up to date with the various instructor training courses available today. Here are some of the certifications they have:

  • Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 (beg.-adv.) XPERT Pole Instructor Courses (the world leading supplier of pole fitness certification programmes)
  • Spin City Aerial Hoop Instructor Course (Beginner & Intermediate)
  • YogaWorks 200hour (4 weeks) Teacher Training course
  • IPSF Anatomy Course

More information about the instructors.

Curious? View some of our videos!

More questions? Read our FAQ!

Check us out in the Media too!