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Yin started pole dancing start of 2012 and has trained in several studios across the globe having learnt from professional dancers in both Australia (Pole Fanatics Studio, Melbourne) and Malaysia (Bobbis Pole Studio Malaysia). Since discovering pole, she has since dabbled in many forms of pole dance from the traditional exotic style to competitive sport and contemporary dance.

In addition to pole dancing, Yin also teaches aerial hoop and flexibility.

Since joining the  Prana Pole team from the beginning in 2016, she has:

  • received her “Level 1-2 XPERT Professional Instructor Certification
  • competed, won (2017) and placed (2018) in the Norwegian Artistic Pole Championships  (Semi-Pro)
  • completed an anatomy course through IPSF.
  • and become a co-owner of Prana Pole

As an educated architect, Yin has many other creative ventures, such as creating handmade pole wear @barepolewear, photography @hylowphoto and DIY blogging @prettyquirkypants. If you’re curious about what Yin has to offer, have a look at her Instagram profile

Heidi (Co-Owner)

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Heidi has been pole dancing since 2013 and was a co-owner of Stavanger Poledance (which Prana Pole has since merged together with). She has experience with teaching pole dance, bachelorette parties, strength and acrobatics, and stretching since then.

Heidi is also designing and selling pole wear (through Aerial Lux Designs – a work in progress).

When Heidi started pole dancing, she had no prior experience with any physical activity as nothing was exciting enough. When she found pole, she was hooked, and has been stuck ever since. What she loves most about teaching pole is to watch the progression in her students and their happy faces and excitment when they show her that they’ve nailed a move. She loves training with the pole because you don’t feel like you are going to the gym or even having a workout session. The fun and addiction to pole, especially when nailing new moves is real!

Heidi is also is a photographer and arranges pole photoshoots. If you want to see more of Heidi, take a look at her instagram profile.


Out latest addition to the Prana Pole team, Helina has been a long time student turned instructor with a passion for exotic pole. Bring your heels and join her on Fridays for our heels pole classes!


Annie is a professional dance- and rhythmic gymnastic teacher and contortionist. She is well known in the industry locally and specializes in teaching contortion, aerial hoop and aerial silks at Prana Pole.

Linn (Founder & Co-Owner)

– maternity leave

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In 2010, Linn found pole fitness. Originally just a fun new dance and exercise form, she now loves the combination of strength, flexibility, acrobatics and dancing that it involves.

She has trained in Oslo, Houston, and Stavanger. She started teaching in 2013, and has completed Levels 1-4 of the XPERT Professional Instructor Training. Through Spin City, Linn has also taken Aerial Hoop instructor trainings (beginner, intermediate and advanced), and a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through YogaWorks. She has also completed an anatomy course through IPSF.

Linn took part in her first competition in January 2014 in Stockholm – the Battle of the Pole – Northern European Pole Championships. In 2015 she participated in the Professional Category of the Norwegian Pole Sport Championships, and came in Second Place! You can watch her competition videos here. You can keep up to date on her training through her Instagram profile.

In January 2016 Linn became the owner of Prana Pole, where she hopes to inspire new students and instructors, and wants to help the sport grow both in the Stavanger region and in Norway! In particular Linn enjoys the sense of achievement when she or her students manage a new trick!

Ellie – maternity leave

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Ellie has been pole dancing since 2012 and has been teaching the last two years. She is an Indi Pole Wear Social Influencer through which she has contributed to an incredible online community of pole dancers. She was invited to teach at the Indi Pole Retreat in Bali this year, and is looking forward to returning again next year. Ellie has compete and placed several times in the Norwegian Pole Sport Championships (professional and elite categories)! You can watch her routine from the 2016 Championships here.

What she loves about pole dancing is: the feeling of flying, of being stronger than you know, and the incredible supportive, community that she has found during her pole dancing journey! As an instructor she likes to create a personable, friendly atmosphere where everyone is able to enjoy and exceed at pole.

If you want to see more of Ellie, have a look at her Instagram profile.