What is Pole Dance/Fitness?

Pole Dance (also called Pole Fitness, Pole Sport, Pole Art) is a form of training where you combine strength, flexibility, dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics and use your own bodyweight for training.

Pole Dance has many origins –

  • the 900 year old yoga tradition Mallakham where mostly men used a wooden pole to perform acrobatic performances
  • circus-culture in the 18-1900’s
  • pole dance as stripping in the 1960’s in Canada

During the 90s pole dance has moved into the training centres in the USA, and the last few years pole dance has swept over the world with various types of competitions popping up all over (such as Pole Art, Pole Theatre, Pole Sport competitions)! There are also World Championships taking place every year, and the Norwegian Championships have taken place since 2014. Norway also has a Pole Sport Federation.

What are some typical benefits of Pole Dance / Fitness?

  1. Increased strength and body control
  2. Increased flexibility and balance
  3. Increased confidence
  4. Burning calories / weight loss
  5. Happiness – physical training makes you body release endorphins (happy hormones) making you feel better and more energetic. Smiling and laughing in class will also help with this!
  6. Improved posture – most dance forms will help improve posture and make you look tall, confident and sexy.
  7. Making new friends and having a laugh with friends/colleagues/classmates!

Is there an age limit?

There is no upper age limit. The minimum age for attending a Pole Class is 16 years old. Participants below 18 years old need to bring a written confirmation from the parents/guardians.

How do I contact Prana Pole?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PranaPole/

Email: pranapole@gmail.ocom

What is Prana Pole’s address?

Støperigate 34, 4014 Stavanger.

Do you have parking?

Yes. There are some parking spots reserved for the buildings in the area. In addition, there is street parking and a parking lot nearby for Coop Mega, IMS and Europris.

How do I get to Prana Pole by bus/train?

Take either bus 4 or 1 from Stavanger city heading towards Rosenli/Stavanger Øst/Hundvåg. Get off at the Kjelvene stop. It is a 5 minute walk from the bus stop.

What should I wear?

For beginners we suggest shorts and a singlet/t-shirt. Most people train barefooted in our classes. Feel free to bring warmer clothes for warm-up and stretching.

We also require everyone to take off rings, watches and bracelets (to avoid scratching on the poles) and we suggest you don’t use moisturiser on the same day as training.

Bring a water bottle with you – you can fill this up at the studio. We also have a small changing room and a toilet.

Please come 5-10 minutes before your class starts to ensure you have enough time to be prepared for class. Students who miss out on the warm-up will not be allowed into class.

What kind of physical shape should I be in?

Everyone is welcome at Prana Pole – no matter what your physical shape and condition. The instructor will adjust exercises to you. If you have an injury, please tell the instructor before class. During your first visit to your studio you will fill in a health form that helps us map you needs and wishes.

What happens if I injure myself?

Your health and safety is our focus. This is why all our pole classes are 75 minutes long to give enough time for a warm-up and short cool-down/stretching at the end. All training and activity is your own responsibility and it is important that you listen to your body and inform the instructor if something feels sore or wrong. We have procedures we follow if an injury occurs and you must inform you instructor of any injury you get during class. We will fill out an accident report form together.

What should I take into consideration regarding pole training?

  • Avoid pole dance if you are unwell, taking pain killers, have an injury or experience pain, have had a large meal in the last two hours, or have been driking alcohol.
  • Check with your doctor if you are pregnant, have newly given birth, have pain or injuries/illnesses or any other reasons you are unsure if you should train pole dance.
  • Don’t use body lotion or oil the same day as you are going to train pole dance. This can result in you loosing grip on the pole, slipping down and injuring yourself.
  • Drink lots of water during the class and take breaks when you feel the need.
  • If you train pole dance at home – ensure that the pole is correctly installed and that you have enough space around you.
  • Avoid overtraining and reduce the risk of injury from strain. Include restdays in your training.

Remember – practice makes perfect. Be Patient! Relax and don’t judge yourself or compare yourself to others. Most importantly – have fun!!

Do you sell poles to use at home?

No unfortunately, we don’t sell poles. We recommend you buy poles through  www.Sometimes.no online shop – they deliver to the whole country.